Joseph Woelfl Piano Music 1773–1812 Volume One

Joseph Woelfl Piano Music

Volume One
Adalberto Maria Riva, piano

Sonate, précédée d’une Introduction et Fugue, in C minor, WoO 113 (c. 1804) 30:36
: I. Introduzione: Adagio 1:43
2 : II. Fuga 3:56
3 : III. Allegro molto 8:42
4 : IV. Adagio 6:05
5 : V. Allegretto 10:11

Piano Sonata in B minor, Op. 38 (1808)* 17:40
6 : I. Allegro 6:22
7 : II. Adagio 6:46
8 : III. Presto 4:32

Piano Sonata in F major, Op. 27, No. 2 (1803)* 24:46
: I. Allegro 8:02
10 : II. Andante
11: III. Allegretto 9:22

TT 73:05

*First Recordings

Toccata Classics

Gramophone Editor's choice january 2017

Piano Music, Vol. 1

Richard Wigmo
Fanfare May/June 2017) of Fanfare Magazine.

Riva plays a mellow Bösendorfer
on these ecordings, and he plays extremely well. One doesn’t hear a rival to Beethoven in these sonatas, which have neither the emotional depth or spiritual qualities of that master, but many readers will want to hear this well-played recording of forgotten music.

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Michael Ullman


“Adalberto Maria Riva plays with real tonal richness, finding plenty of colour in his well recorded Bösendorfer Imperial. This is a fine inaugural volume to what looks like being an intriguing series.”

(Leggi tutto) February

Jonathan Woolf

Riva is a most sensitive and highly-accomplished player, who crafts his melodic lines with flexibility, thereby allowing the music to breathe at all times. He is very much at one with the demands of Woelfl’s style, and while he has the power of a flagship 9’6” (ca. 290 cm) Bösendorfer Imperial Grand at his disposal, never once does he abuse this, nor does the equally-fine recording ever allow the instrument to exceed the dynamic range as indicated in the score itself.

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Philip R Buttall
© 2011 Adalberto Maria Riva

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